How to Stop Eye Twitching

What you need to do when your eye twitches.

When a Visit to The Eye Doctor is in Order

How do you know when to take your child to the eye doctor? In our clinic we conduct annual eye exams, but there are a few clues you can look for at home to get a head start on vision correction.

What Clues To Look For

"Every child should have an eye exam when school starts — or earlier if a problem is noted." It can be difficult to ascertain when a child might need glasses. It is important to know how good vision is especially important in children entering school.

When Should a Child Get an Eye Exam?

It is recommended that kids get screened well before they go to school. "Even in the absence of symptoms, the Nigerian Optometric Association recommends that all children have their first comprehensive eye examination with an eye doctor in the first year of life, again at age 3, and then every year thereafter.